Richest and the most charitable celebrities

This is a world where there is inequality of wealth. We see wealth accumulated at certain percent of people which are also known popularly as richestcelebrities. The amount of wealth they hold can help out countries around the world to kill out many malice in their country. With recent violence erupting in African countries and Middle East as well and growing poverty it is the high time we expect a philanthropic effort from this group. There are some compulsory Corporate Social Responsibility act which many government has started over a past few years as well.

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There are many leaders of successful and the richest organization of the world who have openly come out in the support of the charitable organization. Bill Gates have already given more than half of his worth for charitable organization name Melinda Gates Charitable Organization. The work of these NGO are also commendable and we see many of the root evil like poverty and illiteracy being removed from the world. We see Sundar Pichai of Google giving charitable thoughts to many country all around the world. The effort the richest celebrities is really appreciable in this context.

Some of the NGO which are opened by celebrities and focusing at certain areas like Health, Literacy are even supported by government around the world. We see many celebrity like Angelina Jolie being associated with UN organization and spreading out the word to people around the world. In case of any calamities also we see a union of celebrity paying and helping government across the world to fight it. These all efforts are required and can be beacon of change in upcoming years as well. The organization as the whole has the capability to root out the maximum problem from our society as whole.