How do you compare different quilting machines

Machines on sites such as quilter schoicesare categorized basically in two main categories. Those for hobbyists and those which are needed for professionals and therefore need to be heavy duty ones.


The quilterschoicesand other sites do compare different quilting machines not only on the basis of their price but also on the basis of various factors.

quilters choices

First these sites such as quilters choicescheck and compare the difference in the weights of these machines. There are some that are as light as 13 pounds and there are some that can weigh even up to 40 pounds. The light ones are preferable especially for those people who do not have much place and need to keep the machine back after each use. Incase the machine is too heavy then it will discourage the user from setting it up every time.


The other main feature to check for is the warranty period. Some companies offer warranties up to 25 years while others may have at the most a 2 year warranty.


There are other features which are compared such as the automated needle threader as well as the bobbin winder which can be done automatically. There are those machines which allow the width of the stitches to be adjusted while others have one touch operation of buttonhole styles.


The other features to look for are the LCD screen as well as bobbins which resist jamming and those which have various accessories to support the machine. Speeds of 1500 SPM are a feature most would like to have in their machine to get the work done faster and when these come with extension tables, this adds to the ease and convenience.


There are machines which have adjustable pressure dial foot and they also have drop feed dogs which are adjustable and various other features as well.