Celebrity- A journey from zero to become Hero

Everything starts out from a ground zero. A tree was a sapling before and with proper nutrition and inputs have grown out to stand tall and few among there. Same goes out for us as human. We all start with same resources and inputs, however few among us rise to the ladder of success and fame. These few had the capability of doing something creative and unique which made them such a successful person of the world.


The journey of a celebrity is always worth a read. You can get the result as in by celebrity net worths etc. There are sites which gives a list of successful people around the globe like celebritynetworths.but very few speaks of the journey of them. It is not that easy as it looks now. They have struggled all over their life and as well as have this out of box thinking and belief that they never gave up. A successful actor still invest in his body by going to gym everyday apart from his strict schedule. A rich business man also reads the business newspaper to get the prospects of the market he is going to invest. They never stopped and still innovates themselves.

The idea of following a dream is what makes them class apart. If someone out there would have never tried than we would be at the same place always. This fire of doing something in life should always be burning. You should never give up on your dream and try to be the innovative one out there. Also try to learn some better investment idea as they will help you grow in terms of monetary aspect as well. Always work hard and smart, this will be your journey from a zero start to a successful one.