World’s top athlete celebs

Sports have a power to make you the richest celebrities in the world.

A well know golfer, Tiger Woods is known as the richest athlete. According to reports Woods possess a net worth of $ 590 million.  This amount is so high, even if we combine remaining 10 other richest athletes. He is well known for his game ‘Golf’. Apart from the salary and his income come from many sponsorships and bonuses from elegant brands like Rolex and Nike.

Roger Federer

Another well know name is, Roger Federer a best tennis player ever. He has won $80 million prize money in his life. He has net worth over $300 Million.  He is also was a sponsor of top brands like Nike, Rolex Wilson. By these brands he had earned around $65 million.  Other top brands that added a huge amount in his capital are Moet and Chandon.




Kobe Bryant

A famous basket player Kobe Bryant who played for Los Angeles Lakers has made $ 60 million per year including all endorsement. He was most affluent sportsman who had earned such a big amount yearly. Sponsorships of brands like Mercedes-Benz,Nike, Turkish airlines bring around $35 Million worth. http://richestcelebrities.orgmaintains all such list of players across the globe.

LeBron James

The most demanded and NBA player LeBron James had earned $ 60 million last year. His long relationship with brands like McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Samsung has given him $42 million.

Drew Bress

Drew Bress, a well-known footballer who has earned a net worth $51 million. By the promotion of brand like Gamble, Nike and Wrangler has given around 410 million. A new deal with New Orleans comes as a boon for him. This deal has offered him $37 million and made him richer.

Sports give you a chance to become a millionaire as well a famous in this world.