Role of drum set in music industry

There is a high demand of the drummers in music industry. Drum is most popular music instrument that is used to compose the music and beats of the song. Without a drum set song cannot be composed. Basically piano and drum sets are the lifeline of music industry. There are many techniques to play drum set that you can learn under the guidance over music teacher but you cannot master the drum easily. Basic drummer needs a lot of dedication and consistency to learn the techniques properly. You need to practice the technique on regular basis. There are a lot of Beats and music pattern which are very complex.

Basic drum follow the following steps :-

  • First of all try to understand the rhythm of the music. You can use your hand instead of drumstick. First of all try to tap the drum 4 times at equal time intervals and break this beat further in the two parts to compose 8 by 8 beat pattern.


  • Then under guidance of music teacher you should try to understand the triplets
  • Try to balance your left and right hand with the help of count and also co-ordinate your feet with the beat
  • Now understand the structure of drum set that you are going to play and the sound effect created by various components. You should notice that only consistent and hard efforts can help you to learn the drum set.
  • Understand how to hold the sticks and have a proper grip over it. Strong grip over the sticks helps to play the drum properly
  • There is a proper body posture to sit while playing drums
  • You can count the beats of drums with the help of a metronome. You can also take help of metronome application over your smart phone or computer
  • Basic drummer should try various beat patterns from your teacher and practice it for 3 to 4 hours daily to master the technique

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