How to maintain weight loss

Losing weight is a very difficult task but maintaining the reduced weight brings new difficulties, failing to overcome the difficulties can lead to regaining the weight again. Studies say between 80-90% of dieters have regained lost weight and have regained more weight than from where they have started. The trick to maintaining the right body weight is to be under a strict and healthy lifestyle habits. By commitment and dedication, you can push away the extra weight from building again in your body so that you can wear the bikini perfectly. There are some tips by following which you can improve your health and fitness.

  • Eating less and working out more is the wrong way to reduce weight. If you do this, your body will respond by bringing a chronic fatigue to your body and with a suppressed immune system. Proper exercising and eating a balanced diet which is less in calories, proteins and healthy fats is the right way to reduce fat.


  • Maintaining your weight loss can be done by making a new routine for your new lifestyle. When you start to see a visible change in your body try to acknowledge the change and reward yourself for the hard work by tapping on your back.
  • If you are thinking of getting a new job to afford the crutches like the protein shakes, boxed meals or the supplements, which helped you to cut down the fat and reduce weight, it is high time to rethink. These are ultimately stopping you from maintaining a healthy diet. Analyze your schedule and make a diet for yourself. If possible try to cook your food by yourself so that you get a fair idea of the things and amount that is going into your diet.

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