Cost of sweat with Kayla app

App is simple

The sweat withKaylaitsines app has much in talks in the current times. The complete review can be found at shows the complete review of the app. The app is attractive in look. It is very much simple to use. The app is about the body bikini guide and it is the 3.0.1 version. It includes the program of workouts and nutrition plan that helps in making toned bodyforbikini in long term. They never promise to give results within weeks.




The app is simple to use and the instructionareprovidedso that the following the app becomes easy. But the review says that the app is not worth. The BBG version 1.0 and 2.0 has already been launched in book format and the 3.0.1 version was promised to have some new workouts for toned body. In real the app is the perfect copy of the written book. There is no change in the app as compared to the written book. So f you already have followed those steps then buying this app is of no use. It cannot give you good returns. But if youare using the program for first time then it is the perfect one.


As far as money is concerned the app is available for $19.99 per monthand $54.99 for 5 months. It offers the 7 day trial period but during that the moneyfor 3 monthsubscription is already charged. They claim that they will refund the money if you don’twant to continue after 7 days trial but it is not true. Many people have complained that they were not returned with the money after 7 days. Once you stop subscription to the app you lose all the data but you can get the same book with one time payment and never lose data by stopping subscription.